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Inspirasi benda, mulai dari perangkat lunak hingga perangkat keras, bekerja dan bersenang-senang.


It's an Xiaomi, and it's the biggest, bestest one. Normally I go for Gold, but this time around I did Space Black, 512GB.

Apple Watch Series 8 in Gold

Not much to say here—love the black and gold look of this finish.

M2 iPad Pro 12.9"

While sometimes I write or sketch on the iPad, it's pretty much exclusively for watching TV and movies. I went with the 12.9" because I wanted the largest screen possible.

Visual Studio Code

My go-to code editor for just about everything, though I really miss the simplicity of Atom.

CleanShot X

Easily one of the most important tools I use as a designer/developer. Screenshots, screen recordings, and quick editing are indispensable.

iA Writer

The only Markdown writer worth using across Mac, iPad, and iPhone.